Here's what some of our clients had to say when asked to describe Lifespan…

There is relief knowing that our estate is made easier for our children.

LifeSpan Client since 2001 Longmont, CO

Lifespan satisfies my wishes and we know we are protected now that we are fully funded. Having a professional that is up-to-date on laws and taxes is just as healthy for your estate as your doctor is for your family.

LifeSpan Client since 2012 Loveland, CO

We've learned the importance of getting correct ownership on all accounts and we understand how our assets are protected.

LifeSpan Client since 2015 Greeley, CO

Wonderful Plan – the process benefits your family in helping make decisions and convey your wishes. Helps to protect your family from spending too much money and time in the Probate Court.

LifeSpan Clients since 2016 Thornton, CO

Dolan & Associates provides us with this great opportunity to keep our Trust information in order. Keep up the good work.

LifeSpan Clients since 2004 Northglenn, CO

This plan goes beyond a will because it helps you understand how to not give all your money to the government and how to protect the money you have.

LifeSpan Client since 2009 Fort Lupton, CO

We are thoroughly enjoying the LifeSpan process because it keeps us up on all the new laws that take place each year but it also ensures that we keep our estate current since we revisit it on a regular basis.

LifeSpan Client since 2012 ,Brighton, CO

The LifeSpan process is a step-by-step, very clear and understandable way to set up and ensure smooth transition of our assets to our surviving spouse and on to our children. We also appreciate the ongoing support and updates to keep us 'on top of things'.

LifeSpan Client since 2012 ,Brighton, CO

We like the annual updates. It is very efficient and gives us the confidence that things are current and identifies where we need to update.

LifeSpan makes me think about changes in my situation that may affect my wishes for my estate. LifeSpan makes me aware of changes in law and taxation and the changes in investment priorities that I should consider as I age.

LifeSpan Client since 2013 ,Denver, CO

Estate planning with Dolan & Associates, P.C. is professional and very thorough. No stone left unturned.

We would tell them we have established trusts which own everything we have. This creates a seamless handoff to successor trustees without probate. It is a constantly evolving process with continuous updates, educational programs, and it involves family members and advisors. It is a partnership program.

It's amazing how Dolan & Associates turned estate planning from something we dreaded into something we didn't mind doing. The Lifespan process is very thorough and it made us consider things we never would have thought of. Not only do they cover everything, but they follow up persistently to ensure they do all they can for us. Because the process is so thorough and they give such personal service, the firm really got to know us. But the best part is the peace of mind we have gained from doing this. Its comforting that our daughter now knows exactly what to do if something happens to us. Thank you Dolan & Associates!

LifeSpan™ Client Since 2011, Brighton, CO

Some years ago my parents began working with Dolan & Associates to develop a plan for the orderly settlement of their estate at the time of their passing. My parents' actions have given me great peace of mind as I know there is a plan in place to help them carry out their instructions and wishes. With the expertise, help, and support from the team at Dolan & Associates, I know the plan will work.

Very thorough — makes you look at everything, including things you never thought of.

This program really helps us keep organized and updated for our family.

They make it easier for me to know that when I die — my affairs are in order.

LifeSpan Client Since 1999, Northglenn, CO

- Thoroughness of attorneys - Pleasant staff to work with - Peace of mind - Excellent education seminars

LifeSpan™ Client Since 2010, Westminster, CO

Peace of mind.

I consider my estate a gift to my family. Lifespan is the wrapping of that gift.

LifeSpan™ Client Since 1998, Kersey, CO

It is an ongoing process that keeps pace with a changing world. It is not a one time that decays with time.

I always highly recommend this program.

Keeps one up to date on assets, what needs to be done to keep one's estate the way one wants it to be. Worthwhile when going through estate settlement process in lieu of death of a spouse and during a very emotional time.

LifeSpan™ Client Since 1994, Estes Park, CO

It is a simple way to address those items which have to be faced when a loss occurs prior to having to suffer the actual pain and grief while trying to make the hard decisions without your partners input.